Bullet Journal: What, Why and How?

I first heard of Bullet Journalling a couple of years, watched some videos on YouTube, decided it was too much effort and I had a diary anyway. However, I am now in the middle of my Masters at university and have felt the pressure mounting. I am juggling jobs, university work, social life and of course my blog. After cross-examining the most organised girl in my year, she told me her secret was Bullet Journalling. So, I realised I had to take another look at this trend.

I started with a brief YouTube search, and hundreds of videos came up all about the different styles you can use, different types of very expensive calligraphy pens, funky notebooks, etc etc. However there was one YouTuber who I instantly liked and felt I could easily replicate her style (I quickly realised it's harder than it looks). Her name is Amanda Rachel Lee and I'll link all of her information down below!

You might be wondering why my Bullet Journal has cactae all over it - that's the theme this month, didn't you know?

I honestly didn't expect anything to come from this trend but I have only started this week and I have already re-structured the play I am writing and sent it off to 5 people to get feedback from amongst other tasks that were hanging over my head for weeks!

So, what is Bullet Journalling?

Bullet Journalling is an efficient way of divviing up your tasks so you spot moments in your day or week where you thought you didn't have time, but actually you do. It is a way of organising where you break your tasks down into smaller, manageable pieces and you actually get.stuff.done.

I would not only recommend checking AmandaRachLee's channel out but also the guy who actually started Bullet Journalling, Ryder, has a video on how to set up a bullet journal. AmandaRachLee's channel shows you how to make it fun, pretty and practical. She creates a video for every month, where she draws a different theme (which I have copied and can take zero credit for).

On a side note, I found it so therapeutic to draw out my month, even though my cactae look like little aliens not at all what AmandaRachLee's cactae look like. But also having put so much time and love into drawing out my diary (the above page is one of many for this month) it makes you want to use your diary which then in turn makes you get on with your work!

Have I convinced you yet?

AmandaRachLee's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/amandarachlee

Her 2018 Set-Up Guide (super useful): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cigfDmZQVlI

Her March Plan, which unashamedly copied: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No7rrDGhA3k

Ryder (Creator of the Bullet Journal®): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm15cmYU0IM

Have any of you tried Bullet Journalling? Let me know your experiences in the comments below! Any recommendations of other Bullet Journalling Channels I should check out, I'm super keen!

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