Cosimo de Medici 1389-1464

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Cosimo de Medici was the son of Giovanni di Bicci de Medici, from whom he inherited his wealth. Cosimo de Medici created the Medici political dynasty, and is sometimes known as 'Cosimo the Elder'. He was awarded the title Cosimo Pater Patriae meaning 'Father of his Country' as he was the de facto ruler of Florence, a title awarded to Cicero. The Medici family went on to include Popes, Cardinals, Kings and Dukes.

He was an incredible patron of the arts, commissioning:

- David - Donatello

- The Medici Palace - Michelozzo

- Habakkuk - Donatello

- Amor - Donatello

- The Annunciation & The Seven Saints - Filippo Lippi

- The Rout of San Romano - Uccello

- The Journey of the Magi - Benozzo Gozzoli

- The Cloisters & Library of San Marco

- The Annunciation - Fra Angelico

- He was also responsible for funding Brunelleschi's Dome of Florence Cathedral after Brunelleschi became bankrupt.

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