Donatello (1386 -1466): An Introduction

June 9, 2018




Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi, or 'Donatello', was a sculptor in the Early Renaissance. Born to a member of the Wool Guild in Florence, he received his artistic training in a goldsmith's workshop.


   He went on to be Lorenzo Ghiberti's pupil on the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistry which gave his career a huge boost. He was also the companion of Brunelleschi on his visit to study the ancient architecture of Rome. Cosimo de Medici was also Donatello's patron, commissioning 'David'.


Furthermore, when the Medici family was exiled Donatello travelled to Rome and their returns to Florence also coincided.

His most noted works include:

  • Apprenticeship on the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistry

  • Orsanmichele:

    • St. George

  • David

  • Amor



Watch the video above for more information! If there are any topics you would like to learn more about, do comment in the box below :)








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