Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

June 27, 2018



Anyone who knows me knows I am slightly obsessed with lemons! I think it's an Italian thing - in Italy there are the most beautiful lemon trees, limoncello and generally just lemons everywhere in summer, so of course I associate lemons with summer, fun and happiness!


In London it has suddenly become boiling so when I saw these summer dresses on Asos I was blown away. I ordered both because I couldn't decided between the two, and now I've decided to keep them both! (I think I have a problem).


In my defense they're completely different! Sort of...


The first one is this beautiful long-sleeved wrap style dress. You can wear it off the shoulder or not depending on how jazzy you're feeling. I absolutely adore this dress. It's so stunning, and I have had tons of compliments on it.




The second one is a strappy version with none of the yellow flowers, but totally lemons! In London I prefer to wear it with a black or white t-shirt underneath. But when I am in Italy this summer I will definitely be wearing it on it's own!







Links to both dresses

Boohoo Off Shoulder Lemon Print Dress: http://www.asos.com/boohoo/boohoo-off-shoulder-lemon-print-dress/prd/9653099?clr=multi&SearchQuery=lemon%20print&gridcolumn=1&gridrow=1&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=43

Boohoo Cut Out Lemon Print Dress: http://www.asos.com/boohoo/boohoo-cut-out-lemon-print-dress/prd/9413714




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