Spring Office Lookbook

Being a very non-office person I find dressing for an office really difficult. I wake up early, usually get dressed in the dark, and then by the time I've got on the tube I am really doubting my outfit! There is also nothing worse than being stuck in uncomfortable clothes all day. So I now try to think about what I will wear the night before so that my routine is easier and quicker in the mornings. In a nutshell I would rather enjoy my coffee than stress checking my clock every 5 minutes for fear of being late and still not knowing what to wear!

So I thought I would share a week in my office outfits. My office is very casual but hopefully there will be something for everyone in the looks below and provide a little inspiration for any stuck office girls out there!

1. The Classic with a Twist

I love this outfit because it looks really sophisticated but actually it's not. I love silk shirts and this green one is the best. The silk gives the impression of being really smart but then it's baggy and you can roll up your sleeves and is much less restrictive than cotton shirts. Paired with these black floaty trousers, it's a dream for a Monday when I'm actually dreaming about being back in my pyjamas like I am on Sundays.

2. Puff Sleeves

All workspaces are different and so I thought I would incorporate a more relaxed Office Inspo. I work in a casual start-up at the moment and so I can as easily wear jeans as a dress.

I love this top so much, it's so gorgeous. The long sleeves are really flattering and so is the elasticated waist. I paired this with just plain light blue jeans and silver metallic-effect trainers. If you work in a more corporate office this can be a great one for casual Fridays - still relaxed but appropriate for the office environment.

3. The Silk Shirt Obsession Continues...

Like I mentioned earlier, I love a silk shirt. I have about 5 of these shirts in different colours and this one is perfect in the spring when you want a bright pop of colour but it's not actually that warm. This shirt is actually orange but appears a little more red in these photos.

You could either have this shirt tucked in with a belt for a really smart look so untucked for a more casual look.

I have chosen a kind of middle ground here where it's tucked in but messily without a belt. Just because I prefer to be more comfortable and luckily my office permits!

These over the knee boots are great - I actually have two pairs, one are heels and one are flats. These flats create such a seamless look and the black jeans tucked into the black boots are so flattering on the legs making me look ten times taller!

4. The Pearl Belt

Ok I love this outfit.

This is quite a smart outfit with a modern twist. I paired these black flares with brown snakeskin ankle boots, a puff sleeve black jumper and this gorgeous belt.

Confession: I actually created the outfit just for the belt.

This belt makes a outfit go from a 1 to a 12. It's this gorgeous gold chain covered in pearls and coins.

The puff sleeve jumper also gives this outfit such a great edge. With the flares as well it's dramatic and symmetrical, or is that just me?


I really hope you enjoyed taking a lot at what I wore to the office this work. I really hope it gave you some office inspiration as well!

What are your go-to office outfits?? x

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