Winter Essentials 2019 - Top 3 Staples

Happy Christmas everyone! I am writing this blog post wrapped up in a cashmere jumper, with a dog on my lap and generally full of excitement for all things Christmas! I wanted to put together all my Winter Essentials for you guys as just because Christmas is almost over, the cold weather does not stop, well here in London at least. One way to cheer yourself up from those post-Christmas January blues is to get excited about all those gorgeous pieces in your wardrobe that want to be worn!

Definitely take a look in your wardrobe and see what you have already, or alternatively all the products I mention below can be found in sooo many charity and thrift shops around the world! Ok, let's get into it:


There are loads of wrap coats on the market at the moment - I would say the best ones are made from pure materials like cashmere or wool and those that have a little structure. The pure material because it's better for the planet, it keeps you warmer and they are better quality! The whole structure thing is important as well - with this uber soft coats having a handbag or tote bag that keeps slipping off your shoulder is super annoying. I would recommend going for a wrap coat with a little more structure in the shoulder:

Classic Cashmere Winter Coat

Classic Cashmere Winter Coat -


Another absolute classic. The trusty over the knee has kept me sorted since I was in Sixth Form at school. I actually bought my first pair from Zara (before I knew about fast fashion) and that was 7 years ago now. I feel so old but also happy that these boots have lasted me that long. I whip them out every Autumn and put them away in mid-Spring. They make short dresses work with tights and they smarten up jeans. They work in the office and at parties. Can you tell I love over the knee boots?

Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots -


Is there anything better than cosying up in warm jumper dresses, tights and boots?! I think not. When it gets to Autumn I am always so ready to get my cashmere and wool jumper dresses and I pretty entirely wear them until it's Spring. If you follow me on Instagram (@Laetitiana) you will already know from my OOTD Stories that this is my daily uniform!

The Wednesday Dress -

So there we have it ladies - my very simple but complete winter wardrobe! I absolutely love winter and autumn and the clothes are definitely 70% of why I love them so much. Let me know in the comments below if you agree with my staples and what yours are! I would love to know!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you on the other side of 2020....!

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